A fresh welcome to my website, dedicated to inspiring you with simple vegetarian recipes, ideas on how to produce home grown vegetables and fruit and most important of all have less food waste. As we emerge blinking into the post Covid-19 lockdown world  I hope that during that period you will have learned some new recipes, enjoyed creating food everyone can enjoy together and if you’ve been isolating alone then I hope you’ve taken the time to cook for yourself. It will be easy to slip back into having takeaways, eating out (albeit socially distanced) and picking up piles of ready meals but if you only takeaway one thing from this strange time then I hope it’s that home cooked fresh food is more economical, healthier and can be easier than microwaving several frozen ready meals.


All of my recipes are vegetarian, many are vegan, all are simple and all can be varied according to taste and preference. If you’re anything like me a recipe only serves to inspire a dish. They aren’t set in stone although baking has to be a little more rigid as you’ll know if you’ve ever tried making cakes without the basic ingredients (I have and some worked and some didn’t but you’ll never know unless you try).


Apart from making up recipes from whatever I have in the fridge, freezer or cupboard I like to grow some of my own ingredients. I know that during lockdown many people have given it a go and now as we head into summer you’ll be harvesting some of your crops and watching as others reach maturity. Nothing quite beats picking your own salad leaves, digging your own potatoes or pulling the first radishes and carrots so again I hope you carry on with that even if it’s on a small scale.

You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I‘m only a message away if you’d like some advice on what to do with leftover ingredients or anything else. Explore the site, there are many recipes, blog pages where I waffle on about cooking, gardening, experimenting etc and I hope you’ll come back and share your successes and/or failures.

Happy cooking. Stay safe.