Now you've found my website I'd like to tell you a little bit about me, my ethos, motivators and reasons for creating a food blog. Introductions first-I'm Nita and I've been vegetarian for around 20 years but even prior to this meat didn't play a great role in our meals simply because of the costs involved. Taking the step to  give up meat completely was not a hardship in any way.


I also like to grow my own fruit and vegetables although I am a rather haphazard gardener. There's nothing nicer than harvesting your own new potatoes or picking fresh raspberries. The freezer is the gardener’s friend when it comes to storing your produce but I also like to preserve excess vegetables as chutney or pickles. The options are endless.


As I live in the countryside I like to forage for edible leaves, wild fruits and berries although even cities can provide opportunities to do this too. I have a battered old book that tells me what’s in season and has illustrations so you don’t get caught out and pick the wrong thing. However the internet is a valuable tool for checking what you've collected is edible.


Food waste is one of my pet hates and something I really don’t understand. Use-by dates have taken over from common sense and it seems some people are now afraid of using anything once the dreaded date has passed. I’d like to think this attitude is changing and that there is a definite movement towards less waste and also less packaging. Whoever thought wrapping cucumbers in clingfilm was a good idea? Or selling pre-peeled oranges in plastic tubs?


What do I hope to achieve with this website given there are already so many good ones to choose from? Well apart from my love of cooking great food I am a writer so creating a blog allows me to indulge my two favourite passions. The other reason is to encourage you to prepare meals from scratch, and to inspire you when the cupboard and fridge is bare. I’d like you to be able to use what you have to hand rather than popping out to the supermarket every five minutes because you don’t have this ingredient or that particular spice. 



I'm definitely a cook rather than a chef and I’m not a nutritionist either. My theory is that as long as your diet is varied then you will certainly have all of your nutritional needs met and as I’ve already said there are plenty of blogs and websites out there already that can advise you on  vitamins and minerals.


Understandably, given how busy our lives are, you won’t want to spend hours preparing meals for yourself or the family every night. However sometimes there’s a certain pleasure in the preparation. Having friends round to an informal supper or feeding the family in a hurry when you come in late from work maybe a time for choosing quick, easy to prepare recipes but if you’re planning a more formal dinner party then something with a little more finesse is called for. Either way the results should be about the flavour rather than the aesthetics. Sometimes less is more.


Hopefully you'll find I don't preach about being vegetarian, in fact I’m quite happy for people to eat what they like as long as they have an understanding of where it has come from and the journey it’s had to the plate. Remember that vegetables can and should be the star of the show, in fact even if you are a dedicated carnivore there are definitely benefits to reducing the quantity of meat on the plate and increasing the vegetable elements.


I also love to travel and my food is often inspired by memories of great dishes I've had and the fantastic fresh produce on display in the markets. Sometimes I think we forget the joy of seasonality and a trip to somewhere interesting reminds me of this.


The photographs you'll find on this site will have been taken by me unless I include, on rare occasions an illustrative picture that for some reason I wasn't able to provide. If that's the case this will be fully acknowledged. I'm not a photographer, nor do I have a fancy camera but I hope my pictures fulfil the brief of showing how my recipes come together.


All of the recipes you will find on this site are vegetarian, some are vegan, some will make a perfect accompaniment to the fish or meat elements on your plate but all will be delicious and easy to make.


Food should be an adventure, fun, nutritious and inviting. Let's get cooking.