Dhal Soup


The ideal soup for a cold winter day. Simple, quick and warming, what more do you need from a soup.




I large potato

2 medium carrots

1 large or 2 small onions

A good cupful of dried red lentils

Vegetable stock

1 whole chilli-pierced

Ground coriander, cumin & turmeric

Garam masala

Handful of green leaves (I used broccoli leaves, chervil and rocket)

Cooking oil ( I used olive oil but any good quality oil can be used)





Finely chop the vegetables and sauté gently in the oil. Add the dried spices (according to taste) stirring as you go. Pop in the pierced chilli, this adds heat without overpowering the dish. Stir in the dried lentils coating them in oil and mixing with the vegetables. Pour in the stock, the quantity will depend on whether you want a thick soup or something a bit lighter. It’s easier to slacken a thick soup than thicken a thin soup so be careful about how much liquid you add at this stage.


Finely shred the greens and stir in, leave to simmer for around 10-15 minutes. The lentils will cook quickly but if the carrots and potatoes are chunkier they will take longer to soften.


When cooked through pour into the liquidiser or using a hand blender makes sure you blend until smooth. Alternatively you can use the tip I gave previously and liquidise only a third or half of the soup returning this to the pan so the soup is not wholly smooth and still has some texture. Or you can skip the blending altogether for a chunkier soup. The lentils will have fallen apart when cooked in any case.


Only at this point should you add any seasoning. Taste before adding salt as it may not need it. A few turns of the pepper mill and it’s ready to serve.


I serve this with a few socca pancakes but serve with bread if preferred.