I won’t pretend this version is authentic because the batter should really ferment before using but when you’re in a hurry this simple version is more than acceptable. If you’ve read any of my ramblings before you’ll know I keep a store cupboard and there are always several types of flour in there. For this easy dosa recipe I use gram flour (also know as besan or chick-pea flour), salt and water. Effectively that’s all you need; however, I often add a little spice such as cumin and on this occasion I toasted sesame seeds and added those too. Feel free to adapt to your taste.

Depending only on the number of dosa you want to make you simply put the flour and any other dry ingredients in a bowl and add sufficient cold water to make a batter, similar to a normal pancake batter consistency, when thoroughly mixed and smooth leave to stand for an hour if you can (as you would with normal batter).

You’ll need a non-stick frying pan or Seasoned (cast-iron) skillet and a little oil. Heat a small amount of oil until hot but not burning and pour in enough batter to coat the bottom, be careful not to make them too thick, think French crêpe. The batter will form tiny surface bubbles when it’s cooked on the bottom, just flip or turn over to cook the other side for a few seconds. Roll it up and serve alongside your favourite curry or try a Tandoori Masala Rice (pictured)