Oh no I hear you cry not another food blog!



Well I hope that mine is sufficiently different to bring you to the table. Let’s be honest there seems to be a gulf between the cooks of this world and the non-cooks. The people who spend hours baking exotic cakes and 4-course gourmet dinners versus the people who don’t know one end of a carrot from the other.


I would like to pitch this blog somewhere in the middle. I want to inspire the non-cooks to have a go, show their friends and family there’s more to life than a takeaway or a ready-meal and to inspire the over-enthusiastic cooks to let their hair down once in a while and rustle up a simple supper so they spend time with friends and family rather than being tied to the kitchen all night.



Why ‘A Handful of Rocket’ I also hear to ask? I have a theory that sometimes all you need is a handful of rocket to liven up a fairly dull dish, whether it be thrown into a salad bowl or chopped and added to a soup, a stew, a casserole or any other recipe. It’s peppery which helps the seasoning, it’s a lovely green that brings a vibrancy with it but most of all if you grow it yourself, in the garden, in a tub or even on the windowsill, it costs virtually nothing once it’s established.

Grabbing a handful of rocket from the garden or tub to add to your dinner or supper dish is a joy and one I’d like to share.


Of course not everything I share needs the addition of rocket, that would be plain silly, but it’s worth bearing in mind that a few leaves can change the mundane Monday night stir-fry into a zesty feast.

Think of this blog as a quick reference when you’re stuck for inspiration and you’ve only got a couple of odd bits of veg in the fridge, a scrap of cheese, a few handfuls of rice etc and not much left in the kitty to splash out on more shopping. Besides that it’s raining and the nearest shop is a good 10 minute walk away.


I’ll be here to give you a few ideas. Happy cooking.