Basic Pancakes


Approximately 400 grams of spelt flour

4 eggs

600mls milk

A glug of vegetable oil

A good knob of butter

A tspn salt

(all of the above measurements are relative, if you have fewer eggs add more milk, if it’s too thin add more flour-eventually you will just get to know what makes a good batter-practice makes perfect)


You don’t need baking powder, you don’t need sugar in the actual mixture and you don’t need a food processor.


Mix the oil with milk and whisk in the eggs. Pour into the dry ingredients whilst stirring with a wooden spoon or whisking with a hand whisk. Make sure it’s lump-free and leave to stand. When ready to cook I pour the mixture into a jug as this makes it easier to get the right amount in the pan.


Melt the butter, add a little oil and swirl around a solid based non-stick omelette pan, pour the excess oil/butter into a saucer/dish as you will need to recoat the pan regularly.


The pan needs to be hot but not smoking. Pour in a little of the batter and allow it to coat the base, it takes under a minute to cook so keep watching the batter until little bubbles pop on the surface, now toss it (if you’re brave) or flip with a spatula. Cook the other side for about 20 seconds. Slide it out onto warm plate and put in a warm oven while you keep the production going. This amount of batter makes around 20 pancakes.


Serve with the topping of your choice, chocolate spread, peanut butter, fruit and cream, ice-cream…the combinations are endless.


Safe to say this week’s blog has taken an unexpected turn as my intention was to talk about making soft flour tortillas…so you’ll have to watch this space for that story.


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