Hummus has to be one of the simplest dips to make, it’s adaptable, economical, extremely tasty and prepared in minutes.



As you can see we Brits have innumerable spellings of this Middle-Eastern staple but however you spell it you simply have to have a go at making it. Here is the straightforward version but I’ll add a few twists to the recipe at a later date.


1 can of chickpeas (or 2 if preparing for a buffet, party etc)

Tahini- sesame seed paste (an absolute staple in my store cupboard & easily available these days)

Lemon juice

Olive oil (or whatever good oil you have to hand)


Ground cumin

Salt & pepper


Drain the chick peas setting aside the liquid. In a food processor combine the chick peas, 2/3 tablespoons of tahini (easier to spoon from the jar/tub at room temperature than from a fridge), 2 tablespoons of oil, the juice of a fresh lemon or a tablespoon of ready to use lemon juice, a teaspoon of cumin, one crushed garlic clove (or a teaspoon of garlic paste).

Start the processor and as it mixes you can monitor the consistency, if too stiff (which is likely) slacken it by pouring a little of the drained chick pea water in through the top of the processor. A couple of minutes should be enough but if it’s not smooth enough blitz it further. Taste and add salt and pepper if required.


If you don’t have a food processor try crushing the chick peas with a fork or in a pestle and mortar then mix with the other ingredients in a bowl, it won’t be as smooth but it will still be delicious.


Now I realise tahini may not be to hand and if you don’t have it leave it out, a spoonful of plain yoghurt or fromage frais can be substituted to give a creamy texture, but you don’t have to replace it all. If you don’t have ground cumin try ground coriander.


Serve with fresh vegetable crudités or flatbreads as a starter or as part of a buffet. Or serve as a dip with crisps or breadsticks. It's a great spread for slathering on fresh bread too.

The options are endless.



Technically hummus is made with chick-peas but realistically it can be made with any beans you have to hand. Canned beans are the easiest and most economic to use as dried beans require hours of soaking and cooking before use and let’s be honest we usually don’t have the time for this. Red kidney beans make an interesting variation on straightforward hummus with the rest of the ingredients remaining pretty much the same as the Easy Peasy Hummus recipe above.


I used a can of kidney beans, a little finely chopped onion, tahini (because I always tend to keep it in), lemon juice, salt/pepper, garlic, cumin and for a touch of the exotic, sumac. These ingredients were whizzed up in a food processor with a little virgin rape seed oil and a little water to slacken the paste. I didn’t use the liquid from the kidney bean can in this instance but you could do if you wanted to.


The basic recipe can be tweaked to taste. So simple but so tasty.