Tandoori Masala Rice


Approx 250gr Basmati rice

Good handful of Quorn pieces or use TVP, tofu or paneer (preference s the key here) or use a pulse such as butter beans or chick peas-we’re just aiming for a protein source after all

1 onion (red or white depends on what you have)

1 carrot

1 pepper (any colour)

¼ cauliflower

3 small potatoes

1 or 2 sticks celery

3 fresh tomatoes (I actually used roasted tomatoes from last season’s crop from the freezer)

2 or 3 dstspn Tandoori spice mix

Stock or bouillon cube made up with boiling water


Vegetable oil or coconut oil



Chop the vegetables into similar sized pieces, not too large but not finely chopped.

Heat oil in a heavy based pan and sauté gently until soft but not brown. Add the rice (now the purist will say wash it first but in my opinion basmati rice doesn’t need to be washed as there’s less starch in it than long grain rice but it’s your choice), making sure the grains are coated in oil and allow to sauté with the vegetables. Add the protein source (see above) and again allow to cook for a few minutes. Now sprinkle in the Tandoori spice, stirring to make sure all elements are coated. Add the chopped tomatoes (skinned if preferred).

Now you’re ready to add the stock, pour in enough to cover the other ingredients and allow it to reach simmering point, stir occasionally and as the rice starts to absorb the stock just add more stock until the rice and vegetables are cooked. If there seems to be a bit too much stock add a little tomato puree to thicken. Season to taste. What you should have is a vibrant red and tasty main dish ready to serve with your dosa, chapattis or naan.