Wishing all visitors a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


I'm sure if you've visited this site before you'll know how passionate I am about food waste but akin to this ethos is a hope that we start to see a shift in the pattern of food excesses and the section of our society who simply struggle to meet their family's food needs.


Please spare a thought, a few quid and maybe some fund raising for the charities who work so tirelessly to address this balance. These are a few of the charities and organisations that are crucial at this time of year and all year round. I'm sure there are local organisations to you that would also appreciate your help. 


Christmas makes us think of loved ones but please remember those in a much less fortunate position whether this be from monetary pressure, loneliness, homelessness, isolation or mental health. It takes very little to provide a hot meal, a comforting arm, a secure place to sleep. Thanks for your time and I hope this festive period is filled with joy and peace.



The Trussell Trust


Salvation Army

Food Cycle

City Harvest

UK Harvest


Meal Makers