I picked the first wild garlic of the Spring. It’s fresh green zing promises longer days to come, lighter Spring food and the hope of balmy days in the garden. Well we can hope.

I’ve already whizzed the leaves, buds and stems along with a little sea-salt and some extra virgin olive oil in the food processor. The resulting lush green paste substitutes garlic cloves in any recipe you like. Mine is stored in sterilised jars in the fridge, advice is to cover the paste with a thin layer of oil to keep the contents fresh. In reality of course, we won’t be storing this for long because we’ll be using it quickly. Keep in the fridge.

The vagaries of weather means dashing in and out to sow seeds and prepare the garden for planting, I’ve cut back the autumn raspberries, dug up and sorted out the strawberry plants and replanted these in tidy rows. Hopefully we’ll get a good return from the self-propagated young plants.


The warm weather brought on the purple sprouting broccoli and it's lovely to be able to collect handfuls to add to recipes or better still serve lightly steamed with lashings of butter. The broad beans and peas I sowed in March have their shoots above the soil and the few early potatoes are also sprouting now. Unfortunately this week's rain and high winds will curtail more seed sowing but it does give me a reason to sit down and get words onto the page.


Do let me know if you're growing anything or if you've tried my of my recipes. Any successes or failures, any observations or complaints. I'd like to know what you think.